Meet Paige

Meet Paige. Paige makes high quality quilts. She learned quilting from a Leschi tribal elder. Paige has indigenous heritage and is really talented at her craft. Fun Fact : Tacoma is a small place. She is two years older than me, we grew up in the same area. We both went to Browns point, Meeker, and Stadium. Learn more about Paige with the interview below!

Business Name: Plain to Sea

Business Owner: Paige

Instagram: Plain_to_sea

How did you start Quilting?

I learned from a Leschi tribal elder. She taught me how to make a pattern, and use a machine. The tribal leader had a bunch of little projects going on – she let me help her with them. This helped me get inspired. Traditionally, when you make your first quilt you gift it to someone else. The first quilt I made, I finished it with in two days. It was a pretty sunburst pattern. When I was done making it, my mom said “Oh thats cute, I like that”. It was mothers day weekend. I decided to give it to my mom, it was a win, win.

Do you have a favorite color to use in your quilts?

I really like white, it compliments the all the colors I like to use. I love using neutral blue and mustard yellow.

What is the most challenging part?

Knowing how much fabric to buy. Also, fabric is expensive.

What is the best Part?

The whole process is fulfilling. In the beginning its really exciting. Its healing, fulfilling, and I always put good energy into all my quilts. When I gift someone a quilt – I love seeing their reaction. I recently gave my friend a quilt for her wedding. It was my favorite, and most expensive peice. I embroidered their names in it, and loved their reaction.

Lets learn more about Paige

Describe yourself if 4 words:

Growth, determined, creative, and thoughtful

Are you from Tacoma?

Born and raised. I was born at St. Joes. I initially grew up on Portland Ave, and then moved to Dash Point. 

What does your favorite outfit look like?

Denim, Black, and Vans

Do you have any Hobbies?

I Make jewelry, sew, and love listening to podcasts. A few of my favorite podcasts are: Coat Switch, Business Wars, All my relations ( indigenous podcast). I also like listening to different perspectives of human rights podcasts.

Do you have a favorite Restaurant in Tacoma?

Stink and Matriarch 

What is your favorite coffee shop in Tacoma?


Do you have any family traditions? 

I like to go to the reservation. I also try to go to Montana in the summers ( Flat Head Lake).

Tell me a story

This is an indigenous story called “Lady Louse”

Lady Louse lives in a large house, all by herself. One day she was dusting, sweeping, and cleaning every corner of the house. She came to the middle of the house – the dust came up and she disappeard.

What do you think the meaning is of this story? Id love to know answers. Paige discreetly   told me some of the meanings. But what do you think the meaning behind it is?


Follow Paige on Instagram, and if you need a quilt made – she’s your girl. Baby showers, weddings, birthdays, or even a graduation gift. I will be having her come back, to do my podcast series to talk more about her indigenous background. Also have her tell us more traditional stories. Stay tuned!


❤ Until Next Time,


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