Meet Carolyn

Carolyn owns two businesses. Her first business is the “Creative Forces” Gifts and Sundries located in the lobby of Hotel Murano. This shop features over 60 local Tacoma artists, as well as jewelry, glass, leather, pottery and much more! Her Second business is called “Sacred Embers”.  Sacred Embers is a business tailored to people whom have just lost a loved one or pet. Carolyn is able to create a beautiful glass piece with your loved ones ashes. Learn more about both of her businesses below!

Websites :

Creative forces Gallery –

Sacred Embers –

How would you describe your businesses

Sacred embers : This is my heart work. I am able to help people in the most difficult time in their life. I started this when my brother passed away. It is an amazing honor to sit and share with the individual who lost someone. Learn their story, their memories and create a special piece that they can keep forever.

Creative Forces: This has been a high school dream of mine. To have a place to support local artists. All the starts aligned, when I opened this business and found the space. I started with 12 local artists and now have grown to over 60 local artists. 

What is the biggest challenge?

Sacred Embers: Advertising is really expensive. Its hard to get the word out. My goal is getting to a point, where I can do Sacred Embers full time.

What is the best Part?

Creative Forces: Writing checks for my artists. We also have art and wine nights, and are now apart of the Tacoma art walk.

Scared Embers: Seeing the clients face when they receive their item. I love seeing the amount of healing they feel when receiving the piece – It is the BEST feeling.

Describe yourself in 4 words

Strong, intuitive, empath, and mushy

Are you from Tacoma?

Yes. I grew up in  University place before it was UP.

Are you Married? Kids?

Not Married, One daughter

What is your favorite outfit?

I like to be Comfortable. I like to wear black.

Are you an Introvert or extrovert?

Introvert. I am an extrovert when I am working.

What is your Favorite restaurant in Tacoma?

El Sabor and Thai Bistro

Do you have a favorite bar or coffee shop?

My best friends house. They make the best food and have great wine.

Do you give back to Tacoma?

I think Supporting local artists in my shop is giving back. Giving them a platform to sell their art. I donate to auctions and schools – I have a hard time saying no.

Tell me story

Anyone who knows me, knows that My daughter brings the sun up and puts the sun away for me. I love her so much. 


One thought on “Meet Carolyn

  1. Carolyn is a wonderful person, and the God sent to many the artists locally. She has stayed true to her word, and showcased only local artists in her shop. Thank you Carolyn.


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