Meet Rebekah

Rebekah is the owner of Poppyseed. Poppyseed is a clothing company that is designed and made in Tacoma. She just launched a new collection last weekend called “Regardless”. Learn more about Rebekah below.

Company Name: Poppyseed

Owner: Rebekah


Instagram: Poppyseed_co

Assistants: Debbi and Alexis

Are you From  Tacoma?

I am from all over. I grew up in CA, moved to the Mid West and then moved here. My husband is in the military and was transferred to Tacoma. We now live in the downtown area.

Describe your business 

I strive to have clothes that fit “Regardless”. Regardless of shape, size, pregnancy, postpartum, or any women. We want to make high quality clothing, that is comfortable, functional and fashionable.

What is your biggest challenge?

Jumping too fast. We sew everything ourselves.

Sew everything ourselves

Describe the inspiration for your Fall/Winter 19 collection:

Worlds collide. We shift and change and regardless we move on. Together. Inspired by my husband’s recent deployment and differences in our worlds, this collection is a mash-up of colors, styles and fabrics. I dedicate this collection to our fearless Poppyseed women, who regardless of age, size or trimester are paving their own way. Fabrics from LA and Japan. All garments made by hand in Wash, USA.


Describe yourself in four words: 

Tea, Jesus, Family, and Fashion

Are you Married? Have kids?

I am married and have 1 little one

What does your fav outfit look like?

Boyfriend Everlane Jeans, Satori sneakers, and the Poppyseed t-shirt 

Do you have any family traditions?

Christmas is always a big deal. We all get together and celebrate, I come from a large family. My mom makes Swedish fruit soup. My husband, son, and I have started taking “tea walks”. We grab a cup of tea and take a walk, and talk about how our day went.

Are you an Introvert or an Extrovert? 


Favorite Restaurant?


Favorite coffee shop?

Olympia  and Honey 

Do you give back to Tacoma?

I really try to be inclusive to people that have questions about fashion. I try to be open. I try to help others connect with the people they need to connect with.

Tell me a story

We went to the airport to pick up my husband. We made a paper chain and took one down, each day. As we were driving to the airport my son says “Lets go pick up daddy before he flys away again soon”. We had made these signs for my husband. He was walking around saying “daddy” to everyone. When my husband go off the plane, and saw our son. My son ran into his arms. There was tears in my sons eyes. Then there were tears in my eyes, and tears in my husbands eyes. We were so happy to have my husband back home.

Now if that story doesn’t put tears in your eyes, I don’t know what will. Rebekah is really talented, and her pieces are more than beautiful. If you join her newsletter, you will receive a password for 20% off your order! I need to get over to the site, and order my favorite piece of the collection. It is a black top with sheer sleeves. It would be perfect all the time, with my leggings 🙂 haha. 

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