The Social Sister Recap

Hi Everyone!

I wanted to stop and reflect on the past two months. I started my blog in early January. I was unsure, the direction I wanted to go. I was intimidated to be my true self. When meeting people, I normally am completely shy. A lot has changed, and I am excited about it!

Lets just say, I feel a new self empowerment. The true Maggie, has started to show. I have grown a new kind of self confidence. Maybe its because my Golden birthday, 30 on the 30th is coming up? Maybe its because my three safety nets have been in Ireland for a month ( mom, dad, and aunt)? Lets just say I feel so great all around.

On Monday this week, I was meeting someone at bluebeard for an interview. She had to cancel, so I went and sat on the black couch. I like the black couch because you can people watch. This women came over and sat next to me. I leaned over to her and said “this place is always busy, there is never any where to sit”. She looked at me and said “oh really? I never come here”. So we started chatting, I told her about my blog. With in the first 10 minutes of chatting – we found something in common. I told her previously I was a Montessori teacher, and then she said that her kids go to Bryant ( a Montessori school) in Tacoma. This is why my tagline “We are all relatable” works. Also I never would have just randomly talked to this women, with out this new confidence of mine.

I am more than thrilled to have started this project. Getting to know the people of our community, and learning their story. Like I always say, everyone has a story to tell.

I have an exciting announcement to make! As an extension of my blog, I will be starting a podcast. The podcast will be about the people of Tacoma. It will focus on the stories of peoples lives – who they are, where they came from, and how they got here to Tacoma. I also have some topics planned out too. I plan on starting the recording process in 2 -3 weeks. I have an attached garage, that I am going to convert into my podcast space. Kind of like Marc Maron. haha. Except I am going to make the space cute and cozy. I am thinking the dark green that is in right now- on one wall, plants, mid-century modern furniture. That vibe 🙂

If you know of someone that has an interesting story – please send them my way! I hope to have the series up and running by July 1st. I have a few people lined up that are so inspirational and are SO relatable. I would love suggestions too!

I never imagined, that I would be doing any of these things. But I am SO happy. So that is how I know – this is exactly where I want to be. My mom told me the other day “Mag, don’t be afraid to be as big as you want to be”. I am not afraid – just a little overwhelmed and excited. Stay tuned for all the good things to come!!

Until Next Time,

❤ Maggie

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