Meet Sarah, Alexis and Lana

Owners: Sarah, Alexis and Lana


Meet three women, who have come together to create their happy place. A clothing store, that they now can share with Tacoma. It is located at the end of Oprah Alley.  Sarah, Alexis and Lana are the owners of the store “Cocobolo”. Not only is their store minimalistic, it is also full of color and personality. Cocobolo has their own clothing line that is hand made by Lana. She makes small quantities of clothing for the store. They also have a great selection of vintage clothing as well. If you haven’t been in – they also sell cowboy boots! Who doesn’t love a great pair of cowboy boots? I interviewed Alexis and Sarah yesterday. Check out the interview below!

How would you describe your business? 

It is a Slow Fashion boutique. We sell ethical fashion. We sell handmade clothing in small batches, as well as vintage clothing. Lana sews all of our clothing in the handmade line.

Why did you start this business?

Sarah and Lana are sisters. Alexis and Sarah met at UWT and became best friends. Alexis and Sarah always talked about opening a fashion related business. It just came together over time.

What is the most challenging part of owning your business?

Its more of the emotional side of things. Are people going to like what we sell? Are people going to understand our style? ect. I am happy doing the boring stuff, because we love what we do.

What is the best part of owning your own business?

Getting to do something you love. I love that we have the power of three minds, working together. We get to be creative, and have an excuse to execute the idea.

Do you have an average customer?

I would say late 20’s -30’s. A person who wants to wear sustainable clothing. Someone who wants to invest on a good piece for their wardrobe. We get a lot of people who come from out of town on the weekends, and people coming from Seattle. All are welcome!

How long have you been in business?

1 year

Who came up with the name?

Sarah: I was standing by this tree over by bluebeard coffee and I called Alexis. I said ” I think the name has to be something tree related”. So we started searching a ton of tree names. We came across “Cocobolo” and at first we were like that is such a weird name. But we couldn’t stop thinking about it. So we decided that was the one.

Describe yourself in 4 words

Sarah – spontaneous, positive, bossy, and Social 

Alexis – Calm, courageous , easy going, and down 

They described Lana as: focused, detail oriented, perfectionist, and Fun

Are you from Tacoma?

Sarah – My mother is from Tacoma. But we grew up overseas. I now live in University Place

Alexis – I am from Lake Tapps and still live in that area

Lana – Lives in the Stadium district

What does your perfect outfit look like?

Sarah – High waisted pant not too tight, blouse, strappy sandal, and earrings ( earthy)

Alexis – High waisted jeans, billowy blouse that is open, and hoops

Sarah and Alexis describing Lana’s outfit –  Lana dresses fancy. A silky shirt, fancy mule, pastel color, and hoops

What is your favorite restaurant in Tacoma?

Sarah – Indo 

Lana – Matriarch

Alexis – Wooden City

Favorite Coffee Shop?

Sarah –  Bluebeard, Manifesto, and Vahalla 

Alexis – Lift bridge, and Bluebeard

What is your sense of humor? 

Sarah – I am a smart ass. If I start joking, I won’t stop.

Alexis – I like dry humor and puns

Lana –  sassy 

Do you give back to Tacoma?

We have given homeless women clothes, as they walked by the store. We haven’t started giving back to a cause yet. We would like to give back to help support women. Women in abusive relationships, something related to that.

Tell me a story 

We love to travel together. We particularly like to go to Austin together. We love to go see concerts there. We love Indie/Country music. This one time we went to Austin and dressed up in these crazy outfits, for fun. Alexis was wearing this really cute poly pocket ruffle style dress, and carried a basket as a purse. I was wearing this blue three teared dress. So, something that not the average person would be wearing in Austin. We were walking around trying to find this store. We ended up walking in this sketchy part of town, and ended up calling an Uber. The Uber driver was so weirded out when he came to pick us up. He dropped us off in this touristy area and everyone was staring at us – like we were crazy. It was so much fun regardless of the looks people were giving us. We love to dress up and have fun.


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