Meet Chris

Meet Chris. He is one of the owners of “The Red Hot”. Multiple of the interviews I have done, expressed that Red Hot was their favorite bar. So I had to go in, and check it out. After the interview I ordered a Hot Dog and some wine. I unfortunately gave up beer for lent… wine wasn’t cutting it. The Red Hot had a huge beer selection, that I couldn’t drink…. but the Hot Dog was delicious. Check out the interview below, to learn more about Chris!



How long have you been in business?

12 years

What is the most challenging part of owning your own buisness?

The Red Hot is a family owned business. Working with my family is extremely rewarding, and can be hard at times. I would not trade working with my family for the world.

What is the best part about owner your own business?

Everything. I love being independent. We don’t have investors, we did it all ourselves.

What is your favorite menu item?

This is not on the menu. I love yellow mustard and onions.

Do you have an average customer?

No. We are a neighborhood tavern, and welcome everyone. Bring a date one day and your grandma the next. Everyone is welcome!

Lets learn more about you!

Describe yourself in 4 words

Husband, father, beer drinker, & passionate 

Are you from Tacoma?

I am from Goose Creek, South Carolina. I have lived in Tacoma for 20 years. I now live in the Hilltop neighborhood.

Are you Married? Do you have kids?

I am Married. I have 3 kids — 18 year old daughter, 8 year old son, & 6 year old son

Are you an introvert/ extrovert?

Im an introvert in my private life, but am an extrovert in my business life. So I am an Ambivert.

What does your average weekend look like?

I hang out with the kids. My wife is a hair stylist and works on Saturdays. We just bought a house and have a double lot, with a huge yard. We garden, play outside, and hang out. You know, do parent stuff.

Do you have any Pets?

We have 5 gold fish

  • Snowy
  • Carl – ( Coral is the real name but we call him Carl)
  • Fred – (Fred is my favorite, he’s a sandy beige color)
  • Nemo
  • Lightning 

What does your favorite outfit look like?

Carhartt t-shirt, Levi jeans and red hot hoodie

What kind of music do you like?

All music, my favorite band is the Ramones.

Do you have any family traditions?

Every year we go on a huge camping trip with three other families. My wife is super into holidays and always makes them super special. My wife Allison is such a great mom.

What is your favorite Holiday Movie?

The Christmas Story 

Do you give back to Tacoma?

We like to give auction items for school auctions. Anything that benefits kids. We did a big tampon drive for the YWCA. We helped donate women hygiene products to the women shelter. It was such a big fundraiser. All the products that were donated lasted them an entire year. We also adopt a family each year for Christmas. Its always a single mother, getting out of an abusive situation. We love to help those mothers have a good Christmas for their children. We have sponsored an underprivileged baseball team in Lakewood. If we over order food, we always donate to the emergency food bank. We do “snacks for schools” at least once a year.

We give as much as we can.


Tell me a story

When I met my wife Allison it was love at first sight. My friend was coaching the Dock Yard Tacoma Roller Derby team. They needed an assistant coach. So I offered to help out. I met Allison there, she was in the Roller Derby league. We have not been apart since.

After we moved in together, I started the bar. At first Allison was the one supporting the whole family. I wasn’t making much money in the beginning. She carried us through the whole time. Once I started making enough money, she was able to stay at home with the kids. I couldn’t have done it with out her. She is the amazing wife and mom you hear about. I am so lucky to have her.


Overall Chris is such a well rounded person. He is a business owner, an awesome father, a great husband, loves his wife to pieces and all of his family. The Red Hot is also the most giving business that I have met with so far. They really do give back to the community, and that is so important. It was really great interviewing him, and learning about how kind and giving he is. Check out The Red Hot for delicious beer and hot dogs! I will sure be back when I can drink beer again. 

Until Next Time,

❤ Maggie

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