Meet Ashley.

Meet Ashley. Ashley is a wellness and empowerment coach. She also teaches yoga at Pierce college, and has a podcast called “middle finger to perfection”. Ashley fits her job description! She is SO easy to talk to, so kind, and really wants to help women find their inner beauty. She really wants women to feel empowered! Learn more about Ashley in the interview below!


Listen to her podcast:

How would you describe your business?

I am a Wellness and empowerment coach. I like to take the holistic approach to guiding women to be the best self they can be. I help women focus on their health and fitness goals; as well as, empowering them to make better decisions. The decisions that will make them happy, and feel a weight lifted off their shoulders. I have been in business for 6 years. I love what I do.

My Podcast “Middle finger to perfection” just reached 30,000 followers – so I am pretty excited about that.

What is the most challenging part of owning your own business?

Work never stops. I don’t have personal boundaries – I could work 5 am – to 9pm and on.  I need to work on cutting myself off. I also struggle with staying committed to the work I do. My business is very up and down. I know I love my job and when I see results it feels amazing.

What is the best part of owning your own business?

I love making my own hours. I get to live out my passion. When I see my clients succeeding it is the best feeling. I love being apart of my clients journeys.

Who is your average customer?

Ranges from 30-40 year old woman : who feels stuck in their life, feels overwhelmed, going along with the chaos, busy, distracted, wanted something more, & wanting something different. They are living the life that isn’t what they want. They are ready for a change, and know there is something better out their for themselves.

Describe your self in 4 words

Happy, empowered, unique, and sensitive 

Are you an introvert/ extrovert?


Describe your sense of humor?

I have a dry, quirky, & nerdy sense of humor. I love the movie best in show.  

Are you from Tacoma? If not where?

Born and raised. I now live in the proctor neighborhood.  

Are you married? Have kids?

Married – no kids 

What does your average weekend look like?

My husband and I bought a house last year. We are always doing house projects. I also love to journal, read, spend time outside, and go to happy hour.  

Do you have any hobbies?

Yoga, writing, going to concerts, and being outside in nature

What does your favorite outfit look like?

Vans, the cozies pair of pants, band t-shirt, and a flannel

What is your favorite vacation destination?

New Zealand. We spent a month there and it was the best trip I have ever taken.

Do you have any family traditions?

We go to “the valley” and drink two tequila shots with my husband on our anniversary each year. ( Married 3 years )

What is your favorite holiday movie?

Plains, trains and automobiles

Do you give back to tacoma? If not what would you do?

I do a lot of one on one sessions for free.

Tell me a story

We went camping. A bunch of us go camping in cougar WA. One of the people in the group finds out, there is a place we can bungee jump off a bridge. None of us have done that before, so we decided to go do it. When we got to the bridge, there were a ton of people standing on the bridge. My brother in law dared me to jump off the bridge and say “fuck you” and flip everyone off as I was falling. I thought to myself for 2 seconds and  thought “well duh”. So when it was my turn to bungee jump – I screamed “Fuck you” and flipped everyone off. It was pretty hilarious. I have always wondered what the other people were thinking, when they heard me scream that, as I jumped off the bridge. hahaha!


Over all Ashley is a GEM. She genuinely  wants all women to speak their truth and feel empowered. If you are feeling in a slump, and need to feel empowered – reach out to Ashley today! She is here for you! 

Until Next Time

❤ Maggie

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