Meet Martina

Martina is the Owner of Charme nails and skin studio. Martina is such a motivated a driven individual. She is making her dream come true. She is so knowledgeable about everything there is to know about nails. In fact I learned so much about nail salons, I will only be booking my nail appointments here . Martina strives to be the highest sanitized salon in Washington State. Some of the things she was telling me about other salons sanitation policies are disgusting. Follow along her blog for more information about EVERYTHING sanitation, nails, and much more!


Describe your business

Charme is a nail and skin care salon. We are not like any other nail salon. I know, I know that sounds cliche – but it is true. I strive to be the most sanitzed salon in Washiongton State. I have worked in nail salons for 10 years. Most all salons do not sanitize properly.  

What differentiates us from any other salon is we are a waterless salon. We do not soak your feet in a tub or bucket like system. 1. it doesn’t do anything, other than feel good and 2. That is how bacteria and germs grow unless really sanitized correctly. We also sanitize all of our tools in a Medical Autoclave. The Autoclave heats up to 500 degrees and completely sterilizes everything. 

We also make our own organic lotions and sugar scrubs, do traveling appointments, & we host nail parties.

What is the most challenging part of owning your own business?

Sharing our knowledge about sanitization. A lot of people don’t believe me, because I’m young. Having a waterless salon tends to have people feeling indifferent. Some people love the idea, other people think its a weird concept.

I do waterless because not only are we saving water, but we are also keeping the bacteria away.

What is the best part of owning your own business?

I love the relationships I have built with the clients. I also love my staff members we call ourselves the “Charme squad”. We also do “Charme dates” which are happy hours, and going out to get food with clients that have become our friends.

Describe your self in 4 words

Motivated, driven, problem solver, and 

Describe your sense of humor?

I laugh at everything. I think everything is funny.

Are you from Tacoma? If not where?

I am from Kent and I currently live in the Stadium District.

Are you married? Have kids?

I am dating someone 

What does your average weekend look like?

I work every single day. Tuesdays the salon is closed. I am usually try to play catch up on Tuesdays and run errands.

Do you have any hobbies?

I like to try different restaurants

What does your favorite outfit look like?

Leggings, a shirt, and vans

What is your favorite restaurant in Tacoma?

Montamera for brunch , and Primo grill for dinner

What is your favorite place to get coffee?

Starbucks – only because I can order it online, and pick it up. Plus it is only two doors down from my salon.

What is your favorite holiday movie?


Do you give back to tacoma? If not what would you do?

I am the Nail fairy at Mary bridge childrens hospital. I dress up as a fairy and paint the kids nails who are sick. The kids get to keep the bottle of polish when I am done painting their nails. I have a lot of clients help donate the polish for the children there.

Tell me a story

This is about how I got the name for the salon. One day a friend of mine asked me if I wanted a free puppy. I said yes, and I went to go meet the puppy. She wasn’t a puppy – she was 1.5 year old puppy. She was very timid and scared. I took her with me, and took her to the vet. The vet said she was abused, and had already had puppies. I got her shots, and got her a hair cut. Usually the dogs that I have had, never have followed me around the house. But this dog would not leave my side. She followed me every where. So I decided to keep her. I named her Charme after a billboard I saw on the side of the road. her original name was bubbles. I have had Charme for 11 years. She is one of the three salon dogs that we have. 

I had a really hard time thinking of a name for the salon. I was looking at the thesaurus and asking friends and family. A friend of mine said “why don’t you name it after your dog “Charme”. I thought she was joking. Then I thought about, and it just stuck.


Overall Martina is a girl I defiantly want to be friends with. I love smart, driven, and nice people. She was all of those things and more. I love that she gives back to our community and really cares about the people around her. I will defiantly be booking all of my nail appointments with her from now on! Check out her blog and her website to book and appointment today!


Until Next Time

❤ Maggie



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