Meet Jennifer

Meet Jennifer. Jennifer and her mom Laurie own Paper Luxe in Tacoma. Paper Luxe is a neighborhood gift store. It has so many cute and unique gifts, cards, jewelry, coffee mugs,  and much more. Paper Luxe also helps create high quality wedding invitations and other celebratory invitations as well. They also opened a toy store next door called “The Curious Bear Toy & Book Shop”.  Learn more about Jennifer, in the interview below!


Toy Store Website:

Owners: Jennifer and Laurie

Describe your business

When I first started it was called “Office Luxe”. I sold office supplies and gifts. I never could find good quality gifts. It was online based. I started a small store afterwards, and then found the location I am in now. My goal is to be a neighborhood gift store with quality products and gifts. I also do custom printing too – Wedding signs, invitations, you name it. About a year ago we needed help and I now am proud to say I have 11 employees. Employees range from moms, military wives, college and high school students. We all bring a little something unique to the table.

The toy store offers high quality gifts and birthday supplies. I don’t want there to be pressure about buying something. Everyone is welcome.

( I went into the toy store after the interview was over. It was so adorable! I bought Stella a few things and have been really happy with my purchases – 3 coloring books, bath light up cubes, and I bought her a unicorn ring – because why not? haha. Any way it is affordable and very unique!)

What is the most Challenging part of your business?

Wearing every hat on the planet. One day I am buying stuff in NY and the next day I am scrubbing the floor and cleaning the bathroom. Keeping the finances and marketing in order is always hard too.

What is the best part of your business?

I love being my own boss, I get to make all the decisions, I am not confined to follow anything, and there are no limits.

What is your average customer?

All age ranges – primarily female 20-50 

Describe yourself in 4 words

Optimistic, determined, confident and loyal

Married / kids?

Married and h?ave kids – 3 girls 

Tacoma or UP?

University place, mom lives in gig harbor

Introvert/ extrovert

Mix of both 

Describe your sense of humor

Dry and sarcastic 

What is your fav restaurant in Tacoma?

The Table 

What is your favorite coffee shop?


What is your favorite holiday Movie?


What is your favorite Music? 

All music – singer song writer

What does your favorite outfit look like?

Jeans and black sweater

Do you give back to Tacoma?

I donate gift cards for schools and auctions in Tacoma.

I also give back to a charity that is WA based “a life united”. They build a curriculum k-12 for suicide and bullying prevention.

Tell me story :

I got yelled at to put sunscreen on by Tom Cruise – he was on a rope hanging on the side of a building 5 stories up.

( She used to work for Scarlett Johanson)  


Overall I loved visiting Paper Luxe, and I also really loved the curious bear toy shop too! Jennifer is really sweet, and boy does she work hard! If you are looking for the perfect small gift or card – look no further than Paper Luxe!

Until Next Time,

Maggie ❤

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