Meet Catherine

Meet Catherine Bird. Not only does she have a kick ass stage name, she is a wonderful person and SO easy to talk to.  She lives on a small farm in South Tacoma. She has 10 chickens, 2 goats, and a sweet pup. How cool is that? She is a dance teacher at “Tacoma Dance Studio”. She teaches hula hooping and fusion belly dancing. Learn more about Catherine Bird below!

Website for classes:

Personal website :

When did you start dancing? 

I started dancing in 2003, when I was 18 or 19. I started full on teaching dance classes when in 2017.

What is the most challenging part of being a dance teacher? 

Getting people to realize that they can do it! Getting people to do things they don’t think they can accomplish. Promoting confidence in my students, and teaching them the “I CAN” attitude. There also can be controversy with taking on a different dance culture ( is it okay? Is It appropriate?)

Best part of being a dance Teacher

Seeing peoples eyes light up when they have the “ah ha” moment. People really like getting feedback in the learning process. 

Who is your average client/customer?

Working professionals, new mothers – looking to have some time for them selves. People who want to stay active. There is no specific age.

Are you from Tacoma? If not where?

All over the place.  I was born St. Paul Minnesota. I grew up majority of my life in Boise Idaho. I moved to Tacoma in 2002.

Describe yourself in 4 words

Adventurous, loyal, passionate, and creative 

Favorite Restaurant in Tacoma

vuelve a La vida ( Pac ave – south 56th )

Favorite Bar in Tacoma 

Red Hot 

What does your Favorite outfit look like?

I love wearing the colors: Purple, turquoise or black. I also love wearing leggings, and a nice cozy shirt.

Do you have any family traditions?

Camping in the summer time, & going to ocean in Oregon ( cannon beach) 

Favorite Holiday Movie

Halloween movies – The Craft and Hocus Pocus 

Do you have any Pet peeves?

I am pretty laid back. I don’t like the intolerance about something, when the person does not  know any thing about it.

Are you married?

I have a Partner and no kids 

Tell me a story:

I will tell you the story about my partner Brian and I meeting. Brian is the drummer in the band “The Fun police”. When I moved back to Tacoma, I was the performance art coordinator for the Tacoma famers markets. The Fun Police came and played at the South Tacoma famers market. I was busy managing the whole market. If you play or preform at the Tacoma farmers market – you get paid little cash and market tokens. I started randomly running into him when I was performing and around town. The performing arts community in Tacoma is pretty small. We finally started dating two years after we met. Brian is very charming. One of the first things he told me, was that he  bought kohlrabi with his market token. He knew the way to my heart.


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