Meet Kelly

I just had the best interview to date, with Kelly. I talked with Kelly for an hour and a half. She is the type of person who you could talk to for hours. Not only is she super cute, and well dressed; she is also Driven, smart, and so kind. The bad news is….. I accidentally deleted all the notes from our interview. I am so bummed about it. However, I am still going to write about her, and her business. I think we ALL need her in our lives.

Kelly is the owner of “Empowerful Life” previously known as “South Sound healing”. Kelly is a spiritual empowerment guide. Her business is centered around helping people feel healed and enlightened. She helps individuals work through life road blocks, issues, and weaknesses that we may not even be aware of.  Kelly helps you bring forth talents, and abilities that you possess – but have not yet realized.

Kelly recommends to start with the “life activation” course. Its a 2 hour course and costs $195. This course is described as : “The Life Activation enables you to bring in and hold more Light (positive energy) in your physical body, empowering you to maximize your potential and bring forth unrealized talents and abilities, and it gives you more energy and clarity. This 2-hr session begins a process of releasing unconscious patterns (old emotional traps we fall into), while increasing your ability to use more of your brain and clears family and genetic karmic patterns.”

To learn more about Life Activation check out her website :

Kelly also offers other healing services, and packages. I am planning on booking a Life Activation course at the end of this month. When I do that – I will keep you posted on how I feel afterward! Check her website out, it is worth it!!

Thank you to Kelly for opening up about your life, your line of work and informing me I might have three kids.. haha. No, but in all seriousness Kelly is one of a kind. I hope you book a session with her, to see what I am talking about.

Until Next time,

Maggie ❤



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