Meet Kayla

Business name: Pod Works


Kayla is a special kind of person. If you go look up the definition “mom boss” or “boss babe” you will find Kayla’s name. I sat and talked with her for an hour. I got to know a few key things, that I think most people know about her.

  1. She created a space for mothers to come together and support one another. A place that is much needed in this community. A place to get out of the house, but yet mothers can work on their goals, dreams, and businesses – while having their kids join them.
  2. She defines this quote : ” she would give the shirt off her back” … and she has surrounded herself with the same type of people. That would do the same for her in return.
  3. She is smart, kind, and a great role model.

How would you describe your business?

This is a place that is meant for “Mom Prenuers”. A place where you can bring your child, to work. The kids can play, and the moms can get work done. Its a great community of hard working women. We also offer events, workshops, and we even rent the space out for birthday parties. I use this as my office, and play space. This was my missing piece.

How it works:

$89.00 – you get unlimited access to the space. You can come and go as late or as early as you need. You get discounts on all workshops, events, and a discounted rate for renting out the space.

$30.00 – You get discounted prices on workshops, events, and more.

The Pod does ask that the child friendly hours are from 8am-8pm. Contact them today for more information!

Most challenging part of your business 

The balance of work and play. A lot of our moms wish we could have child care. Child care is in the ultimate plan.

Best part of your business

It is the separation from being at home, and being around like minded women.

Describe yourself in 4 words

Adventurer, Social, Driven, and Independent

Describe your sense of humor 

Realist. Taking real life experiences, and finding humor out of them. David Sudarous 

Favorite restaurant in Tacoma

I work at Indo, so I need to give them a shout out ( Plus there food is delicious)

Favorite bar in Tacoma

  • 10 22 
  • DOA

Favorite boutique in Tacoma

  • Evolve 
  • Blooming kids

Do you give back to Tacoma?

I give a balance between free events, and paid events. I have Monthly community play days from 10am – 2pm ( a great opportunity for moms to get together). I also really want to start a single mothers support group.

Tell me a story

When I first had this vision, it came to me like a baby that kicked inside me at night. I started journaling for days. I talked to friends, family, and people online about what I wanted to do. To hear the feedback, and figure out if this was a good idea. I Rallied a lot of people, before we started the group. I sensed an energy and need for some thing like my idea. There was a fellow mom on the facebook group : Village 253. Her name is Brooke. Brooke had made this post, that looked like a newsletter. It seemed as if we had the same idea, and I got a pit inside my stomach, as soon as I saw it. Instead of running away from my idea, I decided to ask her to go to coffee. I wanted to see if our visions were similar. We met, and  our daughters were the same age, and played beautifully together. Brooke’s vision was to do business coaching, and help with marketing their businesses. I wanted the space. We realized had a different piece of the puzzle. She would do the marketing and I wanted to be in charge of the creative space. We had a few more playdates, and finally decided to collaborate on this idea. I am in charge of “the pod works” and she is in charge of “the pod collective”. She’s a friend, business coach, and mentor. I don’t think I could have done it with out her. Its so much bigger than me. I love feeling the power of the community. I needed one other person to back up. I am happy it was Brooke. We had 8 members before we opened the doors, and now have grown this business to 30 members.


Kayla you are so awesome! I love your tag line “Collaboration over Competition”. That is how we will all thrive as a community. I am so proud of her and her business. I can’t wait to go and try it out!

Until Next Time,

Maggie ❤

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