Meet Taylor

Name: Taylor


When did you start shooting photography?

I started about 16 years ago. I started shooting professionally 5 years ago. I was playing music previously. I decided to shift gears and get back into photography. I upgraded my gear, and started shooter film as well.

What is the best part of shooting photography?

I love providing portraits that make people feel good. I enjoy delivering files to wedding clients. It is very satisfying, to provide an image that sparks something for them. I like to make people happy.  Its nice to get other peoples acknowledgement, for the work that I have done.

What is the most challenging part about shooting photography?

Managing and understanding the client expectations. Translating someones expectations, and trying to align yourself with peoples minds set.  

Describe yourself in 4 words

Stoic, idealistic, perfectionist, and resourceful 

Are you from Tacoma? Do you live here now?

I was born and raised in Kitsap county. I wanted a change, and Seattle didn’t have exactly what I wanted. Tacoma was really accessible. I have lived her for 10 years. I live in the North Slope area of Tacoma.

Favorite restaurant in Tacoma

11 11 

Favorite bar in tacoma


Favorite coffee shop  in Tacoma


Favorite activity in Tacoma

I love riding bikes through 5 mile and , Playing frisbee at point definance and Jefferson park. The best day is go on a long bike ride, and then go get a beer.

Describe your sense of humor

Ironic and sarcastic

Introvert or extrovert

I’m an introvert with extrovert flares

What does your favorite outfit look like?

A lot of black 

Do you have pets?

I have a little 8 year old Chihuahua name “Zoey”, a white fluffy cat named “Kitten”, and and Orange cat named “Orange” ( we recently found his name was Jonas though).

Favorite travel destination

Anywhere I can take good pictures at 

Are you married, kids ect

Married, no kids 

What does your average weekend look like?

A Mix of trying to relax, and get enough domestic stuff done. I shoot photography on the weekends too.

Do you have any hobbies?

Cooking, Learning something new, reading, history, and studying a new techniques for photography.

What is your dream job?

Be on a Travel show, that helps cook for people. I love the idea of the Golden Temple. The Golden Temple is in Amritsar, India. The Golden Temple serves vegetarian food for 40,000 people per day and on holidays 100,000 people ( for free ).

To read more about the Golden Temple :

Do you prefer flowers or plants?


Favorite holiday movie

Plains, trains, and automobiles

Do you have any family traditions?

  • Bird hunting ( I don’t shoot the birds, I just go along for the family time) 
  • Shoot trap
  • Target shooting
  • Cooking – My grandma cooks this delicious curry. It has 11 different condiments, and we eat it with fresh pocket bread.

Do you give back to Tacoma? If you don’t what would you give?

I do free photos for collaboration projects. If people reach out to me – and need photos for their business, a project, or something they are selling; I am happy to take photos for free. I do want to do more community outreach.

Tell me a story

This is a story about the day of my wedding rehearsal. I have a friend who is very spacey, and needs to be reminded frequently of things he needs to do. I called him to tell him: the time, the place, and where the rehearsal was located. I called him two days before to remind him. So the day of the rehearsal, I asked him “hey man can you bring some beers with you”. Then the groomsman says “Why? You guys hangin?” He had forgotten that it was my rehearsal. He was late. He made the drive to the rehearsal in 30 minutes (usually takes 45 min). Everything was fine, he made it up there. It was all good. But to this day we still make fun of him and say “Why, You guys hanging?”


Overall Taylor is a really nice guy, and takes cool photos. If you check out his Instagram: Taylorjonesphoto. I love the picture of the girl with the blue hair. Thanks Taylor for the interview!

Until next time,

Maggie <3\=]

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