Meet Shannon

Meet Shannon! Owner of the Envy boutique in the Proctor district in Tacoma. Her store is full of color, print, and pattern. This boutique is unique, and not like any other store. Shannon travels to L.A. every month, and picks out new items for her store. So every month, there is something new! How awesome is that. The prices are very reasonable, and the clothes are so cute! The other cool thing about Envy, is they host girls nights every month! March 7th is the next girls night! Come one, come all! Wine and snacks! I will defiantly be there! Learn more about Envy and Shannon below!


Owner ::  Shannon

Describe your business:

My store is a unique store, my store doesn’t have what the big box stores have. I don’t want to be like a Nordstrom, I want to be different. I want to have things that not everyone is wearing. The store has new items monthly. I have been in this neighborhood for 19 years and I love it.

What is your biggest challenge?

Theft is a really big problem. Its also hard to find good employees. However, I have great employees right now.

What is the best part of your business? 

Being self employed. Getting to do things my way. I don’t have to buy the brands that everyone is shopping for. I like to be unique. 

What is your favorite item that you sell? 

I don’t have a specific thing that I like to sell. I go shopping in L.A. once a month and get to pick out different unique items.

What does your average customer look like?

I have a lot of regulars. I do also get some people just browsing.

How often do you shop in your store?

All my clothes are from the store. I buy things off the sale rack frequently. ( I can’t miss a sale )

Let’s learn more about you.

Describe your self in 4 words:

Independent, driven, and artistic

Describe your sense of humor:

I have a pretty good sense of humor. I love seeing animals doing funny things.

Do you live in Tacoma? Have you always lived in Tacoma?

I live in gig harbor – originally from Montana

Do you have pets?

The cutest little rescue named Squatch (she brings him to the store)

What is your favorite restaurant in Tacoma?

Indochine, Manny’s, and the  harbor lights 

What is your favorite bar in Tacoma?

Peaks and pints 

Are you married,dating, have kids?

Not married, but has three grown boys

What does your average weekend look like?

I go to the moutians and ski. I have a second home in pack wood. 

Do you have any family traditions?

I don’t have any family traditions because all of my family is in Montana.

What is your favorite holiday movie?

The Holiday 

Do you give back to Tacoma? If you don’t already what would you do?

I donate to a lot of different things. I Really like to donate to the breast cancer foundations. 

Tell me a story

I was in Randall, WA and had my little white dog with me. My little dog got lost up there. I was devastated. I hired a psychic, to see if I could find some answers. She told me that an owl had eaten her. At that time I was going back and forth to Montana. One night I was driving at dusk, and I saw a dog running down the two lane high way. There was no way I could pull over and try and get him. So I slowed down, and got as close as I could to him. It was a old hunting hound dog. The dog was tired, and scared. I made a couple stops along the way, to see if anyone was missing the dog. I kept him over night. The next day, I took him to the animal rescue. I went back to the same animal rescue, and was looking around and I saw Squatch ( her dog now). I saw Squatch cry real tears. His family had left him there at the shelter. I tried to pet him, and he tried to bite me. I went back and visited him 4 times. I was unsure, if he would make a good shop dog. So the shelter let me do a foster to adopt option. At first Squatch, barked every time a customer came in – I had to hold his mouth. But now he is 14 and lays on his bed by the register. He goes every where with me. He is my boy. I love him.

Overall Shannon is AWESOME. Her store is unique and has some really great pieces.    It is priced very reasonable, and who doesn’t like a girls shopping day?!?! Don’t forget March 7th is the next girls shopping day with Wine and Snacks!

Look at these cute pieces I saw in the store:: 

Tomorrow I will be featuring Compass Rose! Stay tuned!

See you soon!

Maggie ❤


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