Meg’s & Mo

I had the pleasure of meeting Donna, the owner of Meg’s & Mo consignment store.  Meg’s and Mo is an upscale consignment store, that looks more like a boutique, than a consignment store. When I walked in, the store was warm, organized, and very presentable. I love shopping – and this is a place, I will be a frequent shopper at. Donna is  a very kind, fashionable, friendly, and great person to be around. She was so easy to talk to, and I cannot tell you how nice she was. Donna has owned the business for 5 years. She was previously an employee, and had the chance to purchase the business. If you are looking for a place to unwind, and shop designer brands for half the cost – this is the place for you! The background music was also SO perfect! My interview with Donna is below! Enjoy!

Business Name : Meg’s and Mo

Business Owner: Donna Mathews


What is your business?

I would consider my store upscale retail for half the price. Think of Nordstrom, and funky Anthropologie , add some designer purses in there like Kate Spade, Coach, and Micheal Korrs

*How it works: Make an appointment M-F, with the clothing items you would like to consign. Then we will sort through the items we think we could sell  in the store. Your items will sit in our store for 60 days. If you sell an item you will get 40% of the profits. The items you don’t sell in the 60 days, can be picked up or donated. You can also drop off your consignment items on Saturday, with out an appointment. If you choose to drop off on Saturday, they will not go through your items until the next week. So its best to make an appointment!

What is the most challenging part of your business?

Keeping everything organized. I have to keep each individual consigners inventory together, and having worked with 5,000 consigners – it gets to be challenging. I also have limited space to hold items for people.

What is the best part of this business?

The people. Connecting with customers is the best. This neighborhood is awesome.

Do you ever shop while you are working?

Everyday. I take something new home. 

What is the best item you have ever sold?

I can’t think of a specific item. But I love when someone else gets something from here, and they come back in and tell me that they get a lot of compliments. It brings me joy.

What is your average customer?

Most are just browsing. The weekly stop on the way to the grocery store. A lot of people come in to decompress from their day. 


Where are you originally from?

Central California

What brought you here if you are not from here?

My husbands job, 18 years ago. When I first pulled into Tacoma, I cried.  But now this is home, and I have made the best friends of my life here. 

Do you live in Tacoma?

Old Town

What is your favorite restaurant in Tacoma?

Art House Cafe – brunch

Dirty Oscars – its quirky – I love their menu 

What is your favorite bar in Tacoma?

The Hub 

Rock the Dock  – the food is decent, in the summer I love sitting on the deck

What does your favorite outfit look like?

Any thing with a bow or polka dots, bright happy colors, Kate spade, Ted Baker, anthropologie

What does your sense of humor look like?

I have a guarded sense of humor. Internally I think I do have a sense of humor –  However, I am guarded about expressing it.

Are you an introvert or extrovert?

Deep down I am an introvert, after doing this job for so many years I have become more of an extrovert. 

What does your average weekend look like?

I typically work on Saturdays. So  Sunday and Monday is my weekend. Sundays are family days. I like to go to the waterfront for a walk/run. I also like going to happy hour with my husband too.

Favorite vacation spot?

Any where warm and sunny 

Married? Kids? Bf? Gf?

I have a Husband and twins, A boy and a girl. The twins are in College at Seattle U and Western.

What is your favorite movie at Christmas time?


Do you have any family traditions that you follow?

We normally travel back to southern CA. We play Christmas games. When we play team games, we will wear silly hats to distinguish teams. 

If you could give back to tacoma, what would you give or how? If you don’t already give back.

When the consigners decided to donate their clothes after the 60 days. We have to organizations we donate too. The Phoebe house – which is a womens shelter. We also donate to Hope Sparks – which is a counseling center. The counseling center has a boutique, and they let the clients shop for free. Its for women getting back on their feet, looking for interview clothes.

I would like to be apart of some sort of homeless center for teens. 

Tell me a story – short or long

One of the best things we have started in here, is an exclusive private party night. You can book the store out. Meg’s & Mo will provide the snacks and drinks. Its a great way to shop with your girlfriends, family, and just connect. Its so much fun picking out clothes with your friends, complimenting each other, and making memories. Contact the store for more information about throwing a shopping party with your friends!


All in all Donna is a great women, and all around kind person. I really enjoyed my visit, and plan on going back A LOT. Next week I will be interviewing the waffle stop. If you like waffles stay tuned!

Until Next time,

Maggie 🙂



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