Strobl Design

Meet Jacob. This is my husband. He is the most hardworking, hilarious and the best question asker ever. He always makes everyone feel important, and I am lucky to call him mine. He owns an Architecture business, and is growing his company. So if you need an Architect or and interior designer – look no further!

Business Name: Strobl Design

Owner: Jacob Strobl


What is your business :: Architectural design

Why did you start your business :: To work for myself, and have a better understanding of the business side of Architecture. I also like having control over my own schedule.

What is your biggest challenge? :: Managing growth

What is the best part of owning your own business? :: Reaping the rewards of your hard work

Enough about the business – what about YOU

What are four words to describe yourself? :: Optimistic, Hardworking, Anxious, and Agreeable

Where are you from? :: Woodland Park, CO

What brought you to Tacoma? :: My wife Maggie who is from Tacoma ( He’s talking about me 😉 – I made him answer this question any way haha)

Do you live in Tacoma? :: Yes in the Proctor district ( he lives with me obviously – if you read the previous post)

What is your favorite music? :: 80’s pop music

What is your Favorite bar in Tacoma? :: Top of Tacoma

What is your favorite restaurant in Tacoma? :: The matador … (wow Jake really….) ( I promise I won’t do commentary on anyone else’s post but his.

What is your favorite cocktail? :: Gin Martini

What is your biggest pet peeve? :: Leaving the room and not shutting off a light and closing the door OR Not closing kitchen cabinets after getting something out of them. ( I do both of those things….. eh )

Why do you like Tacoma? :: Because the people are friendly, and has a small town feel

What does your favorite outfit look like? :: Jeans, Jean Jacket, T-shirt, Baseball hat, and boots

If you could help Tacoma or give back, what would you do? :: Try to provide jobs or training programs to young entrepreneurs.

Tell us a story about yourself :: I used to live in Seattle in the neighborhood of Capitol Hill. I used to walk two miles to work everyday. I read the newspaper, as I walked all the way to work.

If someone sees you on the street, what should they say to you? “Hey Jake”


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