Interviewing myself. A trial run.

Business Name  : On Point Tacoma

Business Owner : Maggie Gallagher

Website : FB page – On Point Tacoma

How would you describe your business : I am a professional organizer and interior designer. I help people create an organized, and natural flow in their day to day lives.

How did you come up with this business? I was a new mom two years ago, and knew I didn’t want to go back into teaching full time. So I found myself, incorporating the Montessori method into my day to day life. Montessori is all about minimalism, order, and having your space flow naturally. I knew there were other moms out there, in need of help organizing. Kids come with A LOT of equipment. Especially first time parents. So I  started this business.

What is the biggest challenge with your business? The biggest challenge for me is helping people get rid of sentimental items. These items are in boxes and are usually from family members that have passed. Its hard because, you don’t want to take away personal memories, or special moments. But I do want to help them create less clutter. It is a hard balance.

What is the best part of your business? Helping people clear the clutter. Helping people feel refreshed. I love to see the joy on peoples faces when the job is done.

Enough about the business – WHO ARE YOU?

Describe yourself in 4 words: I hate this question – but I think its important to know who you are. I am Organized ( ironic right? ), Creative, Fashionable, & Family Oriented ( I have a big and amazing family).

Do you live in Tacoma? Yes! Proctor district! We live off of 31st. Near puget park!

What is your dream job? Fashion Stylist. I love fashion, clothes, and shoes. I am the go to in my family for the “what do I wear?” question.

Do you have any hidden talents? Or talents you wished you had? I am an Irish step dancer. I am in the Irish dance company – Fire and Ice. We preform twice a year.

Do you have kids? Married?  Yes. Married to a wonderful husband named Jacob. We have a beautiful baby girl named Stella. She is 2.5. We also have a golden doodle named Molly. She is the best dog ever.

What is your favorite music? Hard one. I love oldies, alternative, country, and pop music. Not the biggest fan of rap. But I do love 90’s hip hop on a night out and Macklemore.

What is your favorite cocktail? I love me a Vodka soda EXTRA lime. In the summer mojito all the way. Beer in the winter 🙂

Favorite restaurant in Tacoma: I have two east west, and the Table.

Favorite bar in Tacoma: State Street

Favorite Boutique or clothing store in Tacoma? I love Satori Boutique, Kelectic for all the best athletic clothes, and I love Compass rose for gifts. If only I was rich so I could shop at Compass rose allllll the time. I know I couldn’t choose just one.

Tell me a story about you, any thing: I met my husband on Ok Cupid. I messaged him “You look like a really genuine person” We went out the next day. We spent all night together. We both lived in Capitol Hill  in Seattle at the time. We met at Sun Liquor. There are two Sun Liquors. We went to different ones. He walked to my Sun liquor location ( 10 minute walk). We hit it off. Spent the whole night together. I went to meet his room mates. They took me to a party –  the whole house was made of wood inside, people were on acid and Molly, and everyone was petting cats just high off drugs. I was like wtf. Especially because I am a goodish girl. I don’t do drugs, and was like WHAT IS GOING ON. We left 10 minutes later and went to a goth bar on broadway. That was weird. We ended the night at Neighbors and danced until 4am. Ate hot dogs. Then he spent the night. (Don’t worry I was a good girl). Then he took me to breakfast the next day. He ate a salad, I thought that was a weird choice. He held my hand and said “this is a good hand hold”. I agreed. We were engaged 8 months later, married the next year. We have been married for 5.5 years. Life is GREAT with Jacob in my life. Cant imagine anything better.

If you see me on the street say –  Hey Maggie, I love the shoes, I saw your post on the Social Sister, lets hang out!

I hope we can meet soon! All interview questions will be slightly different.







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