So. I have decided something. I have decided finally what my blogs purpose is. My blogs purpose is about living in the proctor district of Tacoma. Now that we live here, I want to get to know my community a little better. I want to meet the business owners, I want to meet the people who help their businesses thrive, and I want to shop local. I love Tacoma and I want to help promote people, and build people up. As a business owner myself, I think its important to support other businesses as well.

I also have decided, that I am a good listener. I also am genuinely interested in peoples stories. So why not interview the people of my community. Tacoma is a small place. I want to know as many people in my community as possible. I want to know their story. I want to be able to walk down the street and say “oh hi Susan, how are you? Enjoy your walk”. I want to get to know people, that I wouldn’t normally talk to. This will be a big deal for me, because I am SO SHY.

I also want to do a tag line part for each person. For example – If you see “Josh” walking down the street say “hey Josh nice shoes” He will reply with a hi or whatever. There are defiantly some kinks I need to work out. I also need to pack down my interview questions and  make consent forms (giving me permission to take their photo and post it).

Well wish me luck on my new adventure! I will be posting about my business in the next  day or two. If you have any interesting, funny, or straight forward interview questions for me I would love to hear them!

Use the contact page if you live in Tacoma and want to be interviewed!



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