Stand Still

Hello Friends of the internet!

So here is the deal. We officially sold our house, we have the cash in the bank and we have until February 1st to move out. The new house in North Tacoma closes on the 31st. I have packed not one thing. We have 15 days before we need to be out out and I cannot get my shit together. It may be because I am a professional organizer, and I cannot stand clutter and chaos at the same time. It stresses me out. So I am here, writing to you – drinking a tequila and coconut pineapple water – still not packing…. SEND HELP!

What else is new? I gave up drinking beer during the week. Today is day 2. I am struggling, I love me a cold crisp coors light and lime after a long day. But I do not need all of those calories every night. I really want to loose 15 pounds before I get pregnant again. So its time for me to hit the refresh button. New home, New me. That is the goal.

That is all for now!




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