Friendship, Food, and Fun

Today I drove out to Mukilteo, to visit my bestie. We have been friends for about 5.5 years. I met her when we both worked as preschool teachers at PFM in Seattle. We instantly connected because we both love fashion, food, and fun. But mostly fashion. She has a very popular fashion blog called Check it out. She is SO fashionable and is REALLY good at thrifting expensive items for cheap!

My favorite part of the visit was trying on all of her amazing clothes. You should see her closet. It is A DREAM.


This view is So calming and amazing. I love the PNW for this very reason.


It wouldn’t be breakfast with out cookies. Megan Loves Cookies! And So do I – I had like 4 today …..

Image may contain: 2 people, including Megan Pribble, people smiling

This is a picture of us having a girls night, right after one of Megan’s break ups. Lets just say this night was full of shots, and Irish step dancing. This was November 2013!


This is us today! Still super cute! ❤ ❤


Now here is a sneak peak of our photo shoot today. This top shop dress is pretty adorable!


I would say this was a great Sunday Funday!



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